Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A week, a nasty nasty cold, and a good book later...

This past week and a half has felt like it was a month long. (It doesn't help that it's the 30th now, and I'm wondering where the month went!) It started out unassumingly, like any other, but ended with me having spent a good half of it stuck in bed with a fever and some flu-like sort of cold. Early on, I decided I needed a book to keep me company, and so I grabbed The Once and Future King by TH White.

Still haven't figured out what rock I lived under, but White's take on Arthur was incredibly fun to read... all of it was. The story ranged all over the place from uproariously funny to appropriately serious to distressingly sad, with histories that made me feel as if I'd known some of the characters all my life.

If I had to pick a friend from this book, it'd be Merlyn. :-) After all, he knits!

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