Saturday, January 05, 2008


I realized just now that it's been a couple of weeks since the last time I posted anything... and since it's been holidays, a number of things have passed since. Like Christmas. And New Years. I might have to break those up into other posts... they deserve their own. For now, I'll stick to today's adventures.

One of Jeromie's Christmas presents this year from, um... Santa, was a crash pad for bouldering, so we made it a point to plan a trip as a soon as possible. This morning, we headed up to Rumbling Bald in NC with Lance, Catherine and Daniel, hiked up to the boulders, and promptly pounced on them. We played on a number of routes, scratched our heads at some, and watched Lance rock a fair number of them.

Here are a few pictures of the action:

Jeromie on Crescent

Daniel trying out a toe hook

Daniel checking out a hi-ball from the top

Catherine gives it a shot

Lance starts...

Lance continues...

And Lance completely rocks it!

I took a shot at a couple of the routes... since I'm rather out of shape for climbing, they were mostly just shots. Just playing, as Catherine said. I took the outing in general as an opportunity to take pictures. I misplaced my camera cable several months ago and have thus solely used Jeromie's SLR for that time (which is great... I love it... but it's harder to get pictures to the computer, at least for me. Perhaps I should learn how to tell it to take JPG's). I got my cable back over Christmas and so decided to take the camera today.

Turned out to be a good time to catch some of my knitting in action:

Smariek's Cap Karma for Jeromie

My Kittyville hat from last February

The current WIP: Dashing for Jeromie

And the sky was beautiful:


PS - I finally made it onto Ravelry too (as Lizzle). Apparently my original invite got sent to the spam folder. I was starting to wonder too... I mean, I know there's a waiting list, but several months? My bad!

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