Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Things I wish I liked...

1) oatmeal
2) downhill skiing
3) housecleaning
4) cottage cheese
5) improvising (aka, flying by the seat of my pants... i'm scared to call it that. someone might defenestrate me using my beltloops...)
6) stove-top cooking (see immediately preceding item)
7) small talk
8) large groups
9) 48hrs> leftovers > 12hrs
10) mornings

I'm making efforts... particularly regarding item #5.

Anyone care to mentor me in fine art of dealing well with chaos?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Strange Territory

My husband and I live in a little one bedroom apartment in the Denver area. We've been in this little space for about a year and a half now, and we're slowly figuring out how to glean every last bit of storage out of the place. Last week, the purchase of an inexpensive corner shelf enabled me to move the microwave out of the (itty-bitty) kitchen...

Voila! More room in the kitchen!

Little did I know I would be frequently assaulted by the urge to bake stuff. Amazing what a little re-arranging can do... I usually avoid the kitchen like the plague!

WELL. This morning, I figured out that I could study AND bake at the same time since I have an audio study-guide for the NCE. Oh, mercy...

A few hours of wakefulness have already produced pumpkin chocolate chip muffins and banana bread just because I wanted to. The revelation that I could study too might mean more deliciousness...

I am limited only by the contents of my pantry and the fact that I have to be at school by 1pm. :-)