Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dangerous Prayer, part deux

Sure, I'm up for an adventure. :-)

Good thing, since that seems to be what happens when I say a prayer that actually seems to be genuinely in line with God's will, rather than the selfish dithering or silence that have occupied my prayers of late. I'm pretty selfish and near-sighted apart from Jesus.

Almost a month ago, I asked God to help me be more at home with ambiguity, uncertainty, the unexpected. After all, that's the reality that most of the world faces on a daily basis.

He's been answering that prayer in some amusing ways... and I'm pretty sure that the fact that I was even aware enough to pray that prayer in the first place would be an answer to the original dangerous prayer post here. (By the way, he's been answering that one like crazy in other ways too.)

So now I find myself listening again - about my community, about my neighbors, about my marriage, about my calling, about my posture in life.

Friday, October 15, 2010

A thank you...

Garmin is awesome.

I got a Forerunner 305 last year for Christmas, which I have loved to PIECES all year long. Haven't tracked as many miles as I would've liked since I spent 2.5 months recovering from a strained MCL, but hey... it's still a great little tool. Sadly, it started developing some kinks last week. The mode button got finicky, then pooped out altogether. I contacted Garmin with little hope for help (since I'd gotten it refurbished through an ebay seller) and ended up pleasantly surprised. All I had to do was mail it in, and they'd mail me a replacement within about 2 weeks at no cost.

I went on one last run with it last Saturday morning, packed it up, sent it off and commenced mile-tracking-gadget withdrawal. I figured I'd be Garmin-less til after next week's travels and settled back into my old ways of mapping & riding routes...

As you can imagine, I was delighted when I arrived home today to a bulging doormat. Astonishingly fast turnaround, considering that Monday was a postal holiday. Yay for excellent customer service & a quick return!


I am one happy runner.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Weather & Warm Toes

This morning, i left the house for a bike ride at 7am. The temp was between 40-50 the whole time & I just about froze my toes off. (Time to invest in shoe covers, I think).

A mere four hours later, it is 68*F. The projected high is 75*F.

Out of curiousity, I checked the Englewood weather records for today...

Avg high: 52*
Record high: 90*F (1962)
Avg low: 35*
Record low: 2*F (1969)

The record high for the month of October is apparently 96*F (Oct 18, 1977), and the record low is apparently -2*F (Oct 13, 1969).

Yet more proof that Denver weather does whatever the heck it wants. :-) I'm just glad we aren't setting another record today either way!!

Now that my toes are toasty again, it's time to study...