Saturday, March 17, 2007

Absent or Absent-minded?

Sometimes I wonder if I should keep my blog. I don't think many people read it (as I haven't really told many folks about it), thus it finds itself at the very bottom of my priority list most weeks. When I finally get around to thinking about an update, there's not really much to say (and no pictures to make things interesting).

So here's what I've been up to lately, in no particular order...

- Work - still part-time, still a tad disorganized. we're minus a program coordinator for the time being, so things may get a little more stressful in the coming weeks.

- Sinus Infection - knocked me out for most of this week... feels a bit wierd to start AND finish your workweek on a Friday. Monday I felt well enough to knit a little, Tuesday through Thursday, I slept... and read... and slept.

- Reading - A Sense of the World by Jason Roberts. I picked this one up after hearing snippets of it on NPR's Radio Reader and it is an excellent book... very well written biography of James Holman (1786-1857), who lost his sight in his 20's and went on to travel the world like no one else before him. I'd started it back in January, not made much progress because things just got busy, then just about knocked it out while out sick this week... READ IT READ IT! (Tis good!)

- Reading and Wrestling - Deuteronomy, some of Psalms, now James... Jeromie and I are reading through the Bible with some friends from house church. It's been hard not to read just for the sake of reading (and thus not even really be seeking God in it), but God seems to be mercifully drawing me back to Him in recent weeks, even though I am so prone to wander.

- Knitting!!! - after the bag, it's been a couple of small items (2 Calorimetries from Knitty, a cabled headband that I made up myself, an failed attempt at a notions bag, and the Two Movie Hat from this blog). Now I'm on to socks for Mom! Size 0 double-point needles were torture at first, but now I think I may be addicted. :-D

- Testing Limits - (of my stupid foot) - the pain in my right foot turned out to be a mix of joint inflammation & a tough case of plantar fascitis, so I've been doing as told to get it better. Until I ended up sick earlier this week, I'd been up to swimming and walking on a somewhat regular basis. Hopefully I'll be able to pick that up again this next week.

So that's at glimpse of what's been up. Jeromie and I are both looking forward to hiking again once my foot is all better... not being able to get out like that has been driving us both a little nuts.

Onward to Saturday! :-D