Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Breathe out...

A library desk, a view of the foothills,
Sigur Ros & Album Leaf,
& a frustrating paper that the Spirit of God
is using to bring me to my knees...

not what i planned, but so much better.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Two Funnies

While I'm busy avoiding a paper for school,* I thought I'd share two funny exchanges from today.

Intentional Bad Joke #1: On the way home from out-of-town, we passed a sign that said something to the effect of:

"Welcome to Superior, CO" (to which I chuckled and said, "Just know we're better than you...")

Unintentional Bad Joke #2: I've been sneezing all day. I managed to live 27 years of my life with no particularly pesky allergies. Then we moved to Denver. While gearing up for a particularly annoying sneeze, I proceeded to make a series of funny faces...

Jeromie: "Wow, you're making some rather Calvin-esque faces there..."
Me: "What do you mean, Calvinist faces?!"
Jeromie: "Calvin-esque. Like Calvin & Hobbes."

Also... we got some fun toys yesterday. :-)

Kahtoola Micro-spikes

We took them for a short spin on the Gregory Canyon & Saddle Rock Trails in Boulder. Now I'd much rather be back out & hiking, but alas... papers call. I should get back to them.

* Hey, now... it's spring break AND a Saturday AND I'm in the library.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Breathe in...

Same desk as earlier. New view.
Just for clarification - the snow is blowing sideways.
Oh, and it's accumulating on the side of the classroom building.
And I can't see the campus apartments from here.
I should probably go home...

Breathe out...

Beautiful & crisp morning - perfect for a ride* -
but you can just see the clouds rolling in...

*Alas, no ride for me. Couldn't get my stuff together in enough time this morning AND (as a friend put it yesterday) I really must get some traction on all these papers today... Boo library but at the same time yay library. I am more than blessed to be where I am and to be what I'm doing at this point in my life & story. :-) You know, I'll happily settle for that mug o' tea & some good tunes.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Friday, March 05, 2010

J. & Silent Liz

Oh, goodness... I haven't watched any of those movies in years. Maybe I should remedy that this weekend while Jeromie's away at a weekend class. :-)

I admit, I've been silent around here lately. Some weeks the ol' blog is just not at the top of my priority list or, alternatively, I have nothing of substance to say. Sometimes I just feel like being quiet, and I'm alright with that.

The last few weeks have been a jumble. A combination of under-the-weather or injured, stressed, and busy has dominated Casa del Rand, but we're alive.

We're alive, and actually laughing quite a bit. :-) Sometimes we get so busy that we forget how to be light-hearted with each other. No more of that... my newfound goal for this next year is to find plenty of (healthy) opportunities to laugh and smile and invite others to do the same. I discovered it in the middle of last night's Fishes meeting, but it makes sense in hindsight... I've become quite the fan of "comic interludes" lately.

Aside from laughing, meetings, paper-writing and internship, I've finally hit a good pattern for training. Like I mentioned a few posts back, I'm training for the CO Bike MS ride in June. I'm also hoping to run the Denver Marathon in October. Right now, barring injury, they both look doable. Either way, it's so good to get out and move around.

Anyway... just felt like checking in.

Got anything to add to my barrel of laughs?