Friday, October 15, 2010

A thank you...

Garmin is awesome.

I got a Forerunner 305 last year for Christmas, which I have loved to PIECES all year long. Haven't tracked as many miles as I would've liked since I spent 2.5 months recovering from a strained MCL, but hey... it's still a great little tool. Sadly, it started developing some kinks last week. The mode button got finicky, then pooped out altogether. I contacted Garmin with little hope for help (since I'd gotten it refurbished through an ebay seller) and ended up pleasantly surprised. All I had to do was mail it in, and they'd mail me a replacement within about 2 weeks at no cost.

I went on one last run with it last Saturday morning, packed it up, sent it off and commenced mile-tracking-gadget withdrawal. I figured I'd be Garmin-less til after next week's travels and settled back into my old ways of mapping & riding routes...

As you can imagine, I was delighted when I arrived home today to a bulging doormat. Astonishingly fast turnaround, considering that Monday was a postal holiday. Yay for excellent customer service & a quick return!


I am one happy runner.

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