Thursday, October 14, 2010

Weather & Warm Toes

This morning, i left the house for a bike ride at 7am. The temp was between 40-50 the whole time & I just about froze my toes off. (Time to invest in shoe covers, I think).

A mere four hours later, it is 68*F. The projected high is 75*F.

Out of curiousity, I checked the Englewood weather records for today...

Avg high: 52*
Record high: 90*F (1962)
Avg low: 35*
Record low: 2*F (1969)

The record high for the month of October is apparently 96*F (Oct 18, 1977), and the record low is apparently -2*F (Oct 13, 1969).

Yet more proof that Denver weather does whatever the heck it wants. :-) I'm just glad we aren't setting another record today either way!!

Now that my toes are toasty again, it's time to study...

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