Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Things I wish I liked...

1) oatmeal
2) downhill skiing
3) housecleaning
4) cottage cheese
5) improvising (aka, flying by the seat of my pants... i'm scared to call it that. someone might defenestrate me using my beltloops...)
6) stove-top cooking (see immediately preceding item)
7) small talk
8) large groups
9) 48hrs> leftovers > 12hrs
10) mornings

I'm making efforts... particularly regarding item #5.

Anyone care to mentor me in fine art of dealing well with chaos?


Melissa said...

Just let it be, friend

Liz said...

the cottage cheese, or the improvising? ;-)

Jonathan said...

It's usually all chaos even when we think it isn't.

Liz said...

okay... deal *better* with chaos then ;-)