Sunday, January 06, 2008

I did it.

I've felt for a long time that God was leading me in the direction of counseling. I've been beating around the bush for a looooooong time about sending off my applications for grad school, and today I submitted one.

Some may say whoop-dee-doo, but for me this feels a lot like getting on a rollercoaster. I've been standing in line biting my fingernails for months: afraid of rejection, afraid I wasn't hearing God right, just plain afraid... and now I'm on the ride. I still have a few things to do to complete the process for this particular school (Denver Seminary), but I should have those done by the middle of the week.

Here we go...


Aisyrn said...

Yay for those who find their path in life!
Boo-hoo for you guys moving to Denver.

And from your last post:
Ah, reminds me of when I went bouldering with you guys... and how much I sucked. What is Ravelry, anyway?

Oh, and you should be pleased to learn that Kaysha has been inducted into the ways of knitting by a friend of a friend and finds it fascinating. Maybe you should give her a call... *nudge nudge* :)

Elizabeth said...

Ravelry is a website for knitters & crocheters to track and share their projects & discuss things. It's still in beta right now, so you have to request to join & wait to be added.

And, yes, I *do* need to call Kaysha.