Friday, January 11, 2008

Trumpet Child (Over the Rhine)

While I'm on the subject of things that have moved me, or that I just plain enjoy, I think I'll share some music too!

The Trumpet Child
Over the Rhine

Jeromie and I were introduced to this album shortly before Christmas by our friend, Dave Smith. He lent us his copy for about a week and I spun it pretty much all week. Played in the car, played it at home, missed it when I gave it back, got it for Christmas!!! I've not tired of it yet.

I haven't listened to much Over the Rhine before, but apparently this is not much like any of their earlier albums. To me, it's a mix of jazz and 50's and playfulness and beauty, and I rather like it. The DCF band played the title track, "The Trumpet Child," just before Christmas - Monica did an impressive job with the vocals, and even pulled out her trumpet.

Tis' many much goodness. :-)

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