Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Photo Adventures

Last Friday morning, Jeromie and I woke up on the rather early side and drove out to Eden Farms for an advent photo hunt. We got to the barn just before sunrise and hiked up into the woods to a place where there is a small clearing and a cross. Jeromie did the main shooting, while I wandered around, adjusted the flash, helped a little with composition, and played around with my little A85.

I'd been unable to really use my camera for several months because the cable was MIA, but I've got it back now! Here are some of the more interesting shots I got while we were out. Can you tell I like the sky as seen through trees?

A random styrofoam cooler - tied with string, topped with a rock -
that we decided to refer to as "Davy Jones' locker"

The cross in the early morning light

Gotta practice the "myspace" pose
(that one's actually just for you Danielle!)

Jeromie hard at work/play

The sky through the trees...

Shortly after sunrise

The hike back

I know Jeromie's already posted one picture from the outing (a funny one), but not the one we went out to get. Skip on over to his blog, Whistling in the Dark, in a day or so to see the end results!

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