Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The beginning of perseverance

I get the feeling that I am entering a rather cold, dark season. Perhaps not physically... after all, I live in sunny CO now.

It's not creaky knees that bear the message this time, but the returning ache of an old, tired soul and a dimming of vision. More steps are uncertain, and there is less welcome in old places of rest. There's a loneliness that I can't shake. There's a homesickness for deep community and a dawning realization of just who and what are missing.

And you know what? I will welcome this season. I believe that Jesus is right in the thick of it with me, that my Father is at work redeeming a lot places that have been broken or lost.

So here I sit with open heart and open hands, listening.


Amy said...

Liz, I love the deep, more frequent blog postings. Keep them coming! I am sorry to hear about the darkness that is setting in, but glad that you are awake enough to take notice.

Lea said...

hi there... i actually meant to read your blog before we met today, thinking it would be good to get some insight to where you are. i should have read this post before. but i think i already knew it. i am excited and welcoming the dark place that you are entering. and i want to be in it with you, if and when you are ready to have companions on the journey. i love you.