Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Pigeon for President!

I'm taking a short break from the "paper mill" (as a classmate affectionately calls this time of the semester) to say that I am RELIEVED. Election Day isn't over yet, but I made my decision and voted and I'm DONE with this election.

Done. Done. Done.

I've joked about writing in Pigeon for president, but I didn't really do that. :-) But just imagine...

Pigeon for President!

- Hot dogs for everyone! (Veggie, Kosher, Beef, whatever you like!)
- No bedtimes!
- Puppies and Walruses galore!
- Strong support for better education, by providing high quality literature to children everywhere - especially Pigeon books by Mo Willems!
- Reduction of wasteful campaign spending by driving his very OWN bus!
- Personal jetpacks for every man, woman and child so that all Americans can experience the joys of un-impeded personal flight!
- Respect for the feelings of feathered friends because, you know, Pigeon has feelings too!
- All attitude, all the time!

What children's book character would you write in??

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