Tuesday, October 14, 2008

(Not so) desperate times...

Several of my East Coast buddies have asked if it's cold here yet. The answer is emphatically, yes... for now. It's not as cold as it's going to get, but it's starting to move more consistently in that direction. My housemate, Cori, told me there's a saying for the Denver climate: "If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes." So... who knows? It could be 70 out tomorrow. But for the past few days, the lows have been in the 30's, which makes for a chilly ride to class!

However, it's not consistently cold enough yet to turn the heat on...

And I'm conflicted about using the natural-gas fireplace... (expensive to run, but oh-so cozy!)

So I've gotten marginally creative:

international (midterm study) space station:
- coffee (mexican)
- candles
- computer
- quizzes for review
- lotsa notes

As I set up my little study space (complete with a little fire), I jokingly told Jeromie that "desperate times call for desperate measures," but realistically these are nowhere near desperate times or desperate measures. I was just being the dork that I am.

Hopefully sometime soon I will find the time to post about some of the incredibly thought-provoking aspects of my classes & experience here so far... but for now, I must study.
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Brian Goudelock said...

French Press? I'm impressed(coming from a Starbucks employee). :-)