Monday, November 17, 2008


Long time, no post... I know, and I am rather sorry!

It's not that I have nothing to write about... it's more that I have too much to write about for things other than blogs! To give you an idea of this past month, the last two weeks (combined with this one that i'm just beginning) have contained:
- 6 papers (4 of them major & lengthy)
- 2 group projects
- a moderately ridiculous & late midterm
- 2 legitimate all-nighters
- at least 4 routine quizzes
- all the normal reading, and...
- life, with all its curveballs.

Today, I'm camped out in the library yet again with what will likely be an 18-page paper, due tonight at midnight. I'm about half done with the writing and 2/3's done with the research, so there's still a good bit left to do.

I just wanted to share a picture that illustrates my day:

Mis-labeled Dr. Pepper
- caffeinated
- computerized
- library-based, and
- inside out!

Hah! who needs sleep??!?!?


Amy said...

I am sure that it is crazy and stressful, but when I read about you and Jeromie working your butts off in seminary, I love it. You seem excited and worn out as opposed to just worn out. Yeah for the Rands following their dreams!
Are you guys here for Thanksgiving?

lindsey said...

wow ... legitimate all nighters?? you get props for that. i could never make it past 2am in school!

Juli said...

Go get em Liz! I love the excitement and life that jumps off the page even though it's insanely busy. It makes me smile.