Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A year in the life of...

The Rands!

Sunday marked one year of being married for us, so I thought that perhaps I'd dig around a bit in the photo archives & see what sort of one-year goodness, badness and okayness I could find. I'm guessing we don't have any photos from the rough parts... honestly, neither of us did a particularly good job of taking pictures. Thus, there might not be much... but here goes!

Yay married!

My favorite homegrown dancing picture (not by a professional photographer...), although this might actually be my favoritefavorite dancing picture. :-)

happy Costa Rica Jero

they arranged our towels in different fun ways each day... like this!

Love Bug... Love Slug! (how romantic...)

My favorite picture from the hikes we took

"Steve, Token Photo Monkey"

best view of feet ;-)

San Jose

Nearly Fall at the Botanical Gardens

Sweet Fancy Moses!

The Dread Pirate Roberts meets his end...

House Church Murder Mystery

Married Christmas!

Two Resentful Peons (Dalmuti on New Years... Jero & Diane)

Beginning the new year on an interesting foot with Mom
Dallas, TX

Visiting DTS

The Moon at DTS

Snow Tiger

Vaguely reminiscent of Costa Rica

We spent our anniversary with a llama!

Ahhhhh... one year!

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