Thursday, June 21, 2007

I <3 my sewing machine...

I've been really busy these past few days... busy sewing, not busy doing things I should (like yardwork - don't worry, we did some tonight!). So now it's time to share some of the sewing goodness. I've had a TON of fun with it, though I'm a real slowpoke. I've made my first, second and third forays into the world of re-fashioning, and I believe they've been successful! I also know now that I *can* follow a pattern correctly, which means that I can at least sew simple clothing now. :-) YAY!

So here goes...

Refashion #1: Twin-sized sheet into drawstring skirt


Skirt & Pup

Funnily-proportioned, funny-faced... just plain funny

Gumby-Liz (seeing if the skirt spins at all... maybe a little!)

Refashion #2: Old Camp Greenville t-shirt into a modest halter top

Tank in a tree

Teasing the furzy pup :-D

Refashion #3: A pair o' Jero's cargo shorts into a purse!

Purses climb trees too, you know!

Purse & pup

Outside pockets inside!

Not a refashion, but something I've been having fun with lately:

Fiddlin' around...


Aisyrn said...

The purse around Molly's neck has given me an idea:

Doggie Saddlebags! Now she, too, can be useful on those long hikes!

Elizabeth said...

Actually, she has some saddlebags for that very purpose. Now we just need to get out and do some backpacking. :-) It's been TOOOOOOO long since the last time I got out in the woods at all.