Monday, June 11, 2007

Recovery (part 2)

So. Recovery... I realized today that the song (Recovery) on said album fits this new season well.

The past few weeks have brought a complete change of perspective. Several months ago I blogged briefly about my shift in positions at work & the challenge of the new role. Just more than 2 months later, I'm exhausted and finished, but I have learned A TON. A few weeks ago, several unrelated events brought me to a place where I had to re-evaluate my abilities & commitments, and I've done that re-evaluating prayerfully and with the input of a number of people I respect. End result is that I am now able to dedicate my time and energy to some things, and relationships too, that I've neglected for a long time.

(I know. That was cryptic. But this is a blog. :-) )

So, today marks another new beginning... one that has been suitably mourned/celebrated with a little planting...

This young plant is known as Basil the 2nd. His predecessor met an untimely death at the beginning of winter because Jero & I got caught up in other things & left him on the porch.

I also did a bit of re-potting. We received a peace lily from my awesome Grandma last spring before the wedding. Peace Lily has spent the winter indoors and thus has fared much better than Basil I. Fast friends already (if plants can make friends):

So, from here I journey on. God is most certainly at work for good in the midst of all of this, more than I can say! And by grace alone, I'm listening.

(new beginnings)

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