Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Take Me Home...

Well, the move's starting to sink in. Before the POD arrived this morning, it didn't take too much of a stretch to imagine that, perhaps, we were re-arranging the house. The normal person doesn't pack things up in boxes for a simple re-arrangement, but, hey, we're not exactly normal people here in the Rand house, so it could happen. This definite sign of uprooting has brought tears to my eyes much more easily than before. (For example: turning onto the campus that I once hated but now love to meet someone for lunch, hearing the first few notes of a song that I love sung by a favoritest musician.) I suspect this may continue for a while after we've moved too, especially when remembering the folks I'll miss & the unique places I've dwelled these past many years.

You know, I've called these places home because they are what I know of home:
- little house, large yard, plenty of trees (until I went off to college)
- a dorm room or apartment shared with a variety of fun characters (myself included!)
- the forests of my fluffy Blue Ridge Mountains
- the high limbs of favorite trees
- a cabin full of excited girls
- a tent miles from the nearest road
- a room full of truth-telling, BS-detecting family known collectively as house church
- a house in Greenville, an apartment in Clemson with my dear husband
- a basement full of folding chairs and leaks, surrounded by fellow children of an incredible, merciful Father
- eyes closed, lost in the music of the DCF band
- a deserted road on an early morning, by bike or running shoes
- a green lake surrounded by old peaks, history speaking from its depths
- deepening friendships with grace-giving fellow pilgrims

I could go on for a very long time.

I was reminded this morning (as I drove in to meet my beautiful friend Rachael for lunch) that these are only previews of home. Surprisingly, the song that usually reminds me of this is not a typical worship song... it's my favorite cover of any song ever: Genesis' "Take Me Home" as done by Dave & Co. Singing along (in the car... yes, I am one of *those* people), I remember that I am a pilgrim on a journey to the home God created us for. This doesn't mean I should disconnect from this world I'm in, but rather engage - love deeply, serve joyfully, persevere purposefully, ask meaningful questions, give meaningful answers, think bigger, believe even bigger than that, because God is beyond what I can fathom, and He's made a way to live and breathe and dwell with Him, wretched as I am.

That might be the longest run-on sentence ever. Or not. I don't care. :-)

The countdown stands at ~3 days now, but it's ticking onward. I will not coast through them, as I am prone to do, but live awake and aware as I'm called to. I'll probably cry some, but I really do welcome that now. :-)

* * * * * * *

P.S. This just happens to be my 100th post as the Prodigal Pilgrim. I feel like that (and so many other things) might just call for some celebration.

So. I'm giving away something handmade!

Set of 5 hand-printed cards,
which are also available in my Etsy shop

When I arrive in Denver, I'll do a random drawing to figure out who gets them. In the meantime, leave me a comment that includes your name and how you found the blog! If you pass it along to another friend who enters, I'll stick your name in again just for kicks. I'm a little curious to find out how people get here. :-)

We roll into Denver on the 15th, so sometime that weekend, I'll post the winner.


Juli said...

Watching your heart come alive has been one of the great beauties of being here. I love how you have gone from hiding in a corner to opening wide your heart and arms to the world around you. Step with confidence as you enter a new home in Denver - you have so much wonderful to give.

Melissa said...

DANG IT! juli wins.

just for the record.
you know how i've found the blog. b/c i love you. annnnnd i would love a liz creation at any time.

but more importantly. i love you. and your heart. i'm going to miss all that you bring to the beautiful place we've shared as home.

affectioknit said...

Hi, I'm Teresa and I blog over at Affectioknit - I'm not sure I've commented before - and if I haven't I should have. I think I found your link from the Passionate Homemaker - but I use bloglines so I'm not sure about that. Best wishes with your move and Christ's Peace be with you!

Rachael said...

Hi Liz, I found this blog because I felt pulled towards its awesomeness. :) And because you're the sweetest seamstress! Tell Pigeon that Colbert says hi! Love you friend!

Shannon said...

Hi Liz - i found this blog because I was looking for you. Glad to see the journey thus far has been enjoyable...and mind stretching. We miss you and Jeromie here.

Darla said...

You know how I found this blog, too. But if there's a drawing for Liz's original artwork, I wanted my name in the hat! I've enjoyed catching up on your trip adventures through your blog. Hope to talk to you and Jeromie later today. Though you guys weren't close by, I still feel the pang of the increased distance between us. You are no longer a seven hour drive from here. But I also am happy for you both as you begin a new adventure in your life together and with God. Love you.