Saturday, August 02, 2008



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Pigeon is the awesome main character of Mo Willems' illustrated children's books. Pigeon is also a puppet that's been living at the Open Book until this past Thursday. Pigeon now lives with the Rands. He thoroughly understands that he is in no way a replacement for Molly. Molly is irreplaceable. But he also thoroughly understands that living with the Rands means shenanigans... and a move to Denver. In classic pigeon style, he's been begging to drive the moving truck. The jury's still out on that one.

So here are some pictures of Pigeon's life so far with the Rands:

After his last day at the Bookedy, Pigeon eyes the hummus & pita at the Rands' favorite Greenville restaurant, The Bohemian!

Pigeon promptly selects a choice pita and... NOM!

Pigeon jams out with his flamingo friend at Horizon Records
(which is the awesome)

Pigeon participates in the tired & slightly blurry reading of a very good bedtime story for his new family

And now... on to the packing!


Rachael said...

what a lucky pigeon! stephen colbert would like a picture with him someday!

Miska said...

i just have to say this is hilarious. we love the pigeon here at the collier house, too. he's the best.