Saturday, November 24, 2007


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I am a much happier creature when I spend time outside in the woods. I think I've let myself forget that over the past year, to the point where I am utterly blown away by the joy of it all when I find myself on a trail, even if it's just on Paris Mountain. I need to get out more, back to the woods that are my home.

Thanksgiving, I was not so thankful. I was congested & half-asleep. Today, God has helped me to be a little more awake and alive to His presence & movement in this world and in my life. (And not just by chucking me out into the woods! :-) )

Too tired to write anymore.


Darla said...

I, too, seem to be at my best when enjoying God's creation, especially on a sunny day and with people I love. I enjoyed having the weekend off and hanging with Bob, Jonathan and Danielle - you and Jer were missed. :)

Aisyrn said...

And I am thankful for you guys.

I wish you guys the best for the future, but damn is it going to be tough when you leave SC.