Sunday, October 07, 2007

Busy Buzzy Bee...

There was definitely a buzzy, skittery, flappy moth inside my windshield last night... freaking me out while I was flying down I-85 at 70mph & 11 o'clock at night. I pity the moth that tries that again.

Jeromie's semi-birthday project of creating some office space in the house is *officially* underway. We met with Juli on Thursday morning about ideas, then drove down to Atlanta yesterday to hunt down a desk & chair at IKEA. It was my first time in IKEA, and boy was I overwhelmed when we drove up. Jeromie and I were both expecting maybe a Super-Walmart-sized deal, but no... it was twice that. With 2 levels of parking underneath. And enough furniture to make at least one person lose their mind & and personal possessions.

During & after the IKEA experience, we got to hang out with my awesome sister, Diane, and her husband, Drew. Spending time with Diane and Drew always gets me thinking, in good ways, and so my favorite part of the trip was conversation/discussion with them... and a night-time run around Piedmont Park.

Back to IKEA Tuesday with the fantastic Juli Kalbaugh.

* * * * * * *


Aisyrn said...

The first thought that struck me was how odd it sounded for you guys to be constructing an office space when you plan to head off to school somewhere else next fall. At least, that was my understanding of your plans.

Is the current setup really so awful?

Elizabeth said...

It's more to make the rest of the time Jero has to work from home more bearable. He actually has a good chair now instead of moving from couch to recliner to kitchen table. Now the "craft room" (also previously known as disaster area) is actually usable for its aforementioned purpose of crafting, as well as for working... and it looks nice.

Still hoping to go to school. When we do that, I guess it'll become a study/crafting space.

We'll post pictures sometime soon!

Diane said...

I hear they got some new stuff in at IKEA. You guys should probably come down and visit again. =o) (actually I really don't have any idea what goes on at IKEA, we just had a lot of fun with you guys and think you should come visit again.)