Sunday, May 06, 2007

oh happy day! (a brief synopsis)

This post, like, soooooo needs a picture. (hehe!)

But it, like, doesn't have one. I am, like, such a loser.

Well, I won't dwell on that. Instead I shall dwell on the fact that I am *not* exhausted right now or sad about going to work in the morning. I've had an utterly fantastic weekend on all sides.

The weekend started out with the arrival of some yarn I'd ordered to make a present for a friend, followed by seeing Guster in concert at Furman on Friday night. Albumatically (I made up a word!), I really like their music... but they were even better live.

Saturday morning, Jeromie and I drove up to meet with our wedding photographer guy. Nearly a year later, and the album is still in the works (partly due to us dragging our feet on selecting pictures). When we arrived, he was having trouble locating some files on his computer (namely, our album!). Jero looked it over and tried some things, then the photographer called Apple support who told him he'd probably lost the files permanently. As he and Jeromie talked, one comment made Jero go "Aha!!" and he got everything back to rights. The short of it is that we now have a couple of extra pages in our album at no extra cost. :-)

As if that weren't enough wedding-y goodness, we got to go to my friend Amber's wedding in the evening. It was beautiful and simple and awesome to see... I can't really do it justice in such a small space.

Today finished off everything perfectly with an impromptu climbing trip to Currahee (Toccoa, GA) with some friends from DCF. I think the two best parts of it were: getting out in the woods with Jero AND discovering that I could climb without a nagging pain in my foot. Hopefully this signals an end to six long, frustrating months of being sidelined with a foot injury. I even came home and took a short walk/run with Molly-dog!

So here ends a wonderful, Gusterful, climbingful, Jesusful weekend. I hope this also signals the beginning of a similarly awesome week!

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