Monday, April 23, 2007

boundaries, of sorts

Hehe... a month and some change later, and I finally remember my blog exists! :-)

A whole lot has happened since the last post, particularly at work. About the time of the last post, I was mulling over a request from the facility director that I fill in as interim coordinator for the program I work in. After a lot of prayer, I accepted the role on the condition that it truly be interim and that I could pick up responsibilities as I'm able. Since then, each day has been a test of my ability to set boundaries, to keep realistic expectations, and, most of all, to trust God to provide and to work for His glory in all of it. The position, due to the current state of the program, is definitely stressful, but I'm doing the best I can to provide some leadership and take some of the weight off other staffs' shoulders in the meantime. The middle of this week makes about a month in the position, and I will continue forward one day at a time.

As for knitting... those socks definitely did *not* get done in time for Mom's birthday, but I'm still working on them. They were the cause of some serious frustration though: I got to the heel turn, dropped a wrapped stitch, and had to get some serious help from Jan at The Needletree to frog back to the point before the gusset increases. I almost made the same error again when I got back to the heel turn, but this time I managed to rescue the stitch before it became irreparable (unless by someone more skilled than me). Needless to say, I got really frustrated at that point and put the sock up until I had the time & energy to tackle it again, which was hard to find for a couple of weeks thanks to work. Argh! I picked it up last weekend and am moving forward again - in the meantime, though, I had some fun felting! (Paper Bag from Knitty)

Dinner's ready, so off I go! (Jeromie cooked up some salmon and it smells AWESOME!)

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Aisyrn said...

I hereby make you a member of the League of People Who Impress Me. You didn't jump blindly, nor did you recoil. I find your resolve and your full knowledge of your own abilities refreshing. And craftiness is always a good thing. Just wish I could make myself do more of it....