Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Grey Days, the December issue

I started a post nearly two weeks ago (never published it) entitled 'Grey Days.' Mostly it was because it was grey outside that day, but, to be honest, grey is how I've been feeling lately inside too. There have been a couple of ups, but mostly it's been this awkward steady range of grey. There's still light to see by, but it's cloudy most of the time. Circumstances change and the clouds move around... but it's still grey.

A lot of the things Jeromie and I have been feeling and wrestling with lately seemed to come to a head tonight at house church. All together, we processed where we were, individually and as a group. All the way home, Jeromie and I dug around a little more about it. I think that was the shortest 45 minute drive since we moved to Greenville. Needless to say, there are a lot of questions bouncing about in the open now. I pray, and hope that I will begin to pray more consistently, that God will do as He will with all of them. Not as I will... that would be quite a mess.

Off to bed to catch what zzzzz's I can. Maybe I can catch some for my mom...

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