Sunday, February 14, 2010

Little things

Here are a few "little" (read: maybe not so little) things that have been bringing me a lot of joy lately...

- crisp, cool days
- running on slightly crunchy snow
- running at all
- cranberry-apple juice
- good conversation
- hearing or reading poetry from friends
- God's presence in the community of His people
- home-cookin', a la Susan
- colorful, noodley stews that create plenty of leftovers
- Monday's bus commute
- Theology 501 with Dr. Buschart
- comic interludes in serious meetings

I'm sure there are more...

I know I've got at least a few readers out there... what are some of these little things for you?


Amy said...

a few of mine this week:
-warm pink slippers!
-great poetry
-chocolate-covered caramels
-10 days off of work b/c of snow
-remembering how good homemade granola is
-having an old friend (Kyle) stay with us for 4 days

Juli said...

-Corey's amazing carrot cake
-good friends
-good books
-diet coke
-down comforter

The Schoon Scoop said...

~ hot tamales candy
~ sunshine
~ Maggie's laugh
~ the baby kicking
~ Olympic coverage
~ lazy afternoons