Thursday, January 01, 2009

Ultimate Nerd New Year's!!

Arright. I'll fess up (to the whole world) what all my family and good friends already know.

I'm a nerd. and a geek.

In middle school, I'd've* cringed at the labels and made some rather ineffective efforts at thwarting them, but now I proudly OWN that part of my personality. You know... I like being a nerd. Who cares about labels anyway?

So... tonight was the ultimate nerd New Year's for me... full of board games. :-D Jer & I chilled at home with his parents, celebrated with lasagna, played a game, toasted in the New Year, then Jer & I played another. The important thing (to me) was getting to spend time with some of the people I love, laughing at ourselves and each other.

Dinner: Darla's lovely lasagna
Games: Alhambra & Agricola
Chuckles: Watching the East Coast New Years Countdown with Will, Arnold, Beth & Hope over Skype; "Don't be a stinkypants... that's my job!!"

Happy New Year to all!

the RandParents

The Colorado Rands

A very close game of Agricola
Jer 34, Liz 32

(* - I know that I'd've is NOT a correct use of anything, but I happen to like it thank-you-very-much. :-) After all, 'tisn't a school paper!! :-D )


Rosie said...

Sounds like you had a GREAT night!!! & I love I'd've. I am SO enjoying not having to write any more papers for a while!

Juli said...

If loving board games makes you a nerd than count me in! Corey and I love to celebrate New Year's by sitting on our butts and going to sleep before it comes. Haha! This year we just did just that only with friends. :)