Thursday, December 25, 2008

Pirate Hats & Duct Tape

I think that today has been one of the most hilarious Goudelock Family Christmases in a while. :-D Don't have long... gotta pack, but I figured I'd share a few highlights!

So, Jeromie and I have the cutest nieces and nephews... well, I guess we're kind of partial to them. But one of them, Iona, is an almost-4-year-old who has a slight affinity for pirates... and we found her a really cute pirate hat. She was feeling a bit un-piratey tonight, but that didn't stop a few of the adults from having fun with it. :-D




Along the theme of nefariousness (nefarity??), Jeromie and Baby Ewan played Christmas Ninja while I wrapped presents...

And Iona, got pink duct tape for Christmas!! (She asked for duct tape and a toy horse. Those were her Christmas wishes. Girl after my own heart. :-D )

Tis a little blurry... what can I say? that girl moves fast!

Tomorrow morning, we head for Alabamy to see these awesome folks (plus le RandParents, not shown), with whom we had an "iBrunch" this morning! :-D

There are too many highlights to show... like running with Diane... and the turkey-washing song... and the list goes on and on and on... :-)

Up Next: Who knows???

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Rosie said...

That is hilarious! I LOVE that she asked for duct tape. And...I think I'm going to have to hear the turkey-washing song when we're back in CO. Hope you have safe travels to your next destination! See you soon...