Monday, June 16, 2008


I know this is already on Justin's blog (that's how I first saw it!), but I figure I might have a few readers that he doesn't and I want to share the love too. Cause the world is just awesome!

Some things I particularly love today:

* the mountains (blue ridge & otherwise)
* Clemson sunsets
* brilliant lightening storms
* the human body in motion (we can do some pretty cool stuff!)
* spoken and written language
* the fact that all creation attests to God's glory, & that He's redeeming it (!!!)


Aisyrn said...

I see that commercial all the time on the Discovery Channel and I, too, like it. I wonder if the song is from anywhere special, though?

Elizabeth said...

camp song, i think... but i'm not sure.

Aisyrn said...

Demographic Breakdown of the Brute Squad