Thursday, April 03, 2008


I can't believe it's April. Contributing to the disbelief is the fact that no one pranked me on April Fools (phew.), which is a new concept for me. :-D Normally someone pulls at least *one* over on me. April looks like it will be quite a trip though... and May.

Potential Spring Shenanigans
- Cooper River 10k in Charleston (this Saturday!)
- Taxes. Taxes taxes taxes. (by April 15)
- Projects for DCF Film Festival & Gallery (now til then)
- DCF Film Festival & Gallery weekend (April 15?)
- Bookfair numero A (3rd week in April)
- Bookfair numero B (4th week in April)
- DCF Yard Sale & Silent Auction (May 3! Come out!!!)
- Bookfair numero C (in-store May 10 & probably HUGE)
- Sneaky-plan thing that might be unveiled in mid-may...
- Finishing & submitting Mars Hill application; going out for interview (May)
- Registering for classes (?!??!)
- Family trip to Montana (!!!!!)

I feel like I'm coming out of hibernation or something! :-) Hopefully I'll be able to carve out a little more time for sewing & knitting. Both have been neglected these past few weeks. :-\

Even in the face of a busy spring, these past few weeks have been good. Not a crazy woo-hoo(!) good, but good in a God-is-moving-and-i'm-not-being-blind kind of way. As always, He is faithful; He's been digging around in my heart and bringing me to a place where I can see and embrace Him & Life (with all its many facets) instead of retreating or hiding. Most of my life, I've been prone to that... to retreating & hiding.

So in response to Michael's request for a one-word update: WOO-HOO!!!! :-D

And that's because God is faithful.


Aisyrn said...

Yikes. That is busy! What of these 'book fairs'? I take it they are some manner of discounted sale at the Open Book? Sounds fun (and tempting for another visit)!

At any rate, how tied are you to being present at them? I would like for us all to make a trip to Charleston, and Arnold suggested the 19th.

Sneaky-plan thing, huh? Guess I'll just have to wait and see. :)

Elizabeth said...

Bookfairs are when schools ask us to send books for them to sell to their student body & parental units. The first 2 are of the sending variety. The last one is in-store, and i'm pretty sure i need to be there since it'll likely have quite large attendance.

Either way, tis my responsibility to plan & send them. Lozza lozza work in a short period of time.