Sunday, March 16, 2008


(Before I get started, Jeromie's home!!! I am so incredibly excited! :-D )

* * * * * * *

Recreating, re-creating, creating. Either way, I've finally been doing a little bit of it lately. :-) I am a much happier creature when I can run, which means I've been a much happier creature lately. It's less than a month til the Cooper River Bridge Run, and I feel like I can maybe, just maybe, make it without getting injured. 'Tis a good thing.

Craftwise, I've not been knitting at all, but I have been cursing at making friends with my sewing machine. Okay... so I haven't been cursing at the sewing machine... if anything, I've cursed at myself & my extreme lack of skill in the sewing arena. Last night, I decided that the average 8 year old could probably sew better than me.

Jeromie: Wow, you must know some 8 year olds.

Me: Yeah, in my mind 8 year olds have some mad skillz...

So perhaps not. Maybe an 8 year old with the right training.

Anyway, these were my projects for this weekend:
(sorry... originally started the post last weekend, slacker me)

I found a cute teal skirt on a recent thrifting trip... but it was way too big for me (22/24w), so i...

...made it fit me! (and removed the beads... i might put some different ones on it... I haven't decided yet)

I painted on some shoes.

I made some fun slippers... our floors are COLD! And tweaked a curtain for the front door, too!

I ventured into the world of applique. Learned the ropes, and then...

... made a design of my own!
(it's my "signature" birdy!)

*sings* how much is that biiiiiiiirdy in the windoooooooow?

I've had a lot of fun just daydreaming & sketching & doing lately. I feel that being back *in* community (as opposed to skirting it...) has something to do with this. It makes me hungry. Hungry for God, hungry for real connection. It makes me want to "seize the day." More days than before, at least. I've definitely had days (and some this week) where I just wanted to withdraw, and I did, but there's a whole lot of pursuing going on around here. God never lets me stay that way. :-)

p.s. I didn't exactly get a good picture of the birdy. I used my favorite fabricky Christmas present for the body... it had a faint blue leafy/viney design on it. One of these days I might post a good picture of the bird itself. :-)


Shannon said...

you are so gifted with the craftiness...and having an almost 8 year old who was sewing today with a large plastic needle and yarn in burlap, i assure you, you are much better! :)

Penny said...

I'll say it again Liz, I love the creative designs you came up with your applique tee's! So cute!