Friday, September 21, 2007

Bookedy Book Book Book

I´ve yet to determine if this is good or bad, but my list of books I want to read has grown exponentially since starting work at the awesome local bookstore. In fact, several weeks ago I knocked a whole bunch off the list by reading something like 8 books in two weeks to keep it under control... but I slowed down... a little. :-)

I think the next book on my list might be... A Prayer For Owen Meany (Irving).

I´m not sure yet. :-D


What are you reading?


If you could choose two staff picks (favorites) for a bookstore, what would they be??


Aisyrn said...

I just finished Calvin Miller's trilogy of "The Singer", "The Song," and "The Finale" as loaned to me by Kaysha. I've also been trying to tackle the Amber Chronicles that Jeromie loaned me, but daaaang is it a long read (hard to expect 10 books not to be). I still have lots of books on theology on my list, some books on writing, and a short book on self-actualization that I just bought. Maybe I'll hit that first.

Ultimately, I want to write something, but I have to get over being afraid of writing. And, well, everything else.

Ed said...

Umm, I haven't finished it yet, so I don't know that it will stay as good as it has started, and I don't know if it's too old or too new ... but Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (Jonathan Safran Foer) is an amazing read thus far.

Elizabeth said...

Nothing's too old or new! I want to read that one too, but I raided the Open Book collection of advance reader copies yesterday, and a at least one book may have jumped ahead in the line... :-D