Tuesday, October 24, 2006

red-headed stepson of photopost

Muahahahaha! Just this morning, I realized that I possessed some stellar material for "revenging" Will's "Son of Photopost" from April. It's not really revenge... the pictures and building were fun and they don't contain close-ups of any ugly faces (namely mine). I just wish I knew how to do the clever scroll-overs...

The following pictures were taken down in Charleston during a gathering of hooligans for Jeromie's birthday. That's right, hooligans... myself and Jeromie included. After creating a lovely sandcastle for my niece, Iona-zilla, to destroy ('cause she loves to)...

We channelled our creative energies into mummifying one our number... here are the results:

Step One: Bury Will in sand

Step Two: Make sure his ears are nice and warm... inside and out.

Step Three: Decorate in a detailed fashion.

Step Four: Ta-da!

Step Five: Release the hounds! (Will chases Arnold into the ocean)


Aisyrn said...

Redheaded stepson? Mr. Photopost, you cad!

Elizabeth said...

well... this is the red-headed stepson of Mr. Photopost, you... you... auto-cad! (???) :-) How's life, senor?

Aisyrn said...

My blog has my full whining exposition. Overall, I'd say stressful, but... interesting.